What We Do

Access technical expertise and regular office hours for project development on the Internet Computer platform. Benefit from specialized bootcamps, developer allocation, tailored marketing campaigns, and user acquisition strategies.


Developer Bootcamp Education

Empower your team with advanced development capabilities in Rust, Python, TypeScript, and Motoko, tailored for building on the Internet Computer, through specialized training for developer teams in WebAssembly environments.


Developer Allocation

Option for developer allocation to ensure effective project implementation. Optimize collaboration, leverage expertise, and enhance productivity for successful outcomes.


Marketing Campaigns and Social Media Management

Customized marketing and Social media strategies to promote your project within the Internet Computer ecosystem.


User Acquisition

Attract and onboard hundred of thousands of new users. Quantum Leap Labs Incubator empower your project to be the next killer DApp on the Internet Computer.


DFINITY Grants Application Support

Offering dedicated guidance throughout the application process for DFINITY Grants, prioritizing developers and fostering community involvement.


Venture Capital and Business Angel Introductions

Facilitation and introduction to potential venture capital and business angel investors for fundraising purposes. Pitching advice included.


Tokenization Assistance

Support in the tokenization of your project with active participation in the Service Network System (SNS) on the Internet Computer


Mentorship and Networking

Facilitating your team’s growth and development through ongoing support, including office hours and bi-weekly follow-ups, while also fostering connections with founders of established projects within the Internet Computer community.