ICP Bootcamp Typescript 101 Program:

ICP Bootcamp Typescript 101 Program:

The ICP Master TypeScript 101 course is meticulously crafted to cater to a diverse range of learners, from students to seasoned developers, all seeking to establish themselves as proficient Internet Computer developers.

Over the span of 5 hours, participants will immerse themselves in a comprehensive curriculum blending theory with hands-on practice, augmented by live classes and mentorship.

Through the TypeScript Dacade self-paced course, participants will gain a deep understanding of TypeScript development specific to the Internet Computer platform.

Participants will have 7 additional days to create their own canister smart contract and earn both the Internet Computer accreditation and 8 ICP tokens.

Beyond certification, graduates gain access to our exclusive ICP Master Hackathons, where they can compete for prizes and even secure sponsorship from ICP.Hub North America, offering a $5,000 grant to fuel their entrepreneurial ambitions. With sessions starting every two weeks, beginning March 10th, this course serves as a pivotal step for individuals eager to embark on a rewarding journey in blockchain development with the Internet Computer Protocol.


Lecture 1: Intro to Blockchain, Web3 and ICP

Orientation: Course presentation and developers introduction

We provide a theoretical introduction to the Internet Computer (IC), covering essential concepts such as Typescript (a prerequisite for the AzleBook), foundational aspects of Blockchain and Web3. Participants will gain an overview of the IC Dashboard and NNS Identities, along with examples of cryptography including hashing, JSON Web Tokens, and authentication mechanisms. This session sets the stage for deeper exploration into blockchain technology and the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP).

Lecture 2: ‘Hello World Program’

We focus on understanding project structure, built-in dependencies, and layered architecture within the Internet Computer ecosystem. We’ll also dive into DFX commands, addressing any doubts or questions that arise. As part of Assignment 1, we’ll explore both Rest-Based and Candid-Based Paradigms, backed by real-world examples. This session lays the foundation for effective project development and provides practical insights for leveraging different paradigms within the Internet Computer framework.

Lecture 3 - Query, Update  and Candid

We delve into Query and Update Methods, as well as a detailed exploration of the Instruction Limit Candid. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of all data types necessary for project development, including string vectors, lists, records (objects), and more. Additionally, we’ll cover Canister and CALL APIs, illuminating how canisters communicate with each other through Inter-Canister CALLS. This deep dive provides essential insights and skills for effective project building within the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Lecture 4:  Stable Structures , Canister Methods

We tackle Stable Structures and Canister Methods in the Internet Computer realm. Participants learn about Stable Memory’s role in ensuring application stability, as well as its implementation for POST and PRE upgrades. The session covers cycle management and addresses potential caveats, providing essential insights for building resilient applications on the Internet Computer platform.

Lecture 5 - Timers and Plugins

We dive into Timers and Plugins, exploring their functionality within Canister Management. Participants learn CRUD operations and the intricacies of making HTTP calls within Canisters. This session equips attendees with practical skills for efficient data management and external communication, enhancing their capabilities in building dynamic applications on the Internet Computer platform.

Lecture 6:  Deploying MVP (Backend Canister)

In our final session, participants will learn the essential steps for deploying their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on the backend Canister. Following this session, attendees will have the opportunity to pursue Dacade Certification, unlocking ICP rewards and potential project incubation opportunities. Weekly follow-up meetings with each team will ensure continued support and guidance as participants navigate their development journey.

Earn your developer certification on the Internet Computer and create your own dApp with a powerful MVP in just three months!