ICP Master Motoko Web 2 Program:

ICP Master Motoko Web 2 Program:

The ICP.Master Academy is tailored for experienced Web 2 developers eager to dive into blockchain technology and learn to build projects on the Internet Computer Protocol.

The program spans two months, featuring a comprehensive curriculum of 16 hours of theory and hands-on practice.

In the third month, participants engage in an additional 8 hours of mentoring to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a focus on backend canister development.

The course kicks off on March 12th, a Tuesday, with classes scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 pm EST (10:00 am PST). To ensure a smooth start, there will be an orientation and mentor-student introduction session on March 11th.


Week 1: Introduction to Motoko and the Internet Computer

Orientation (March 11th) : Course presentation and developers introduction

Session 1 (March 12th) : An introductory session covering course details, participant introductions, and an overview of the Internet Computer and Motoko.

Session 2 (March 14th) : This session focuses on a detailed introduction to Motoko, including its syntax and basic constructs, and setting up the Motoko Playground.

Week 2: Local Development Environment and Basic Note Functionality

Session 3 (March 19th) : We will set up a local IC replica and delve into the local development environment, including practice exercises.

Session 4 (March 21st) : Starting the development of a simple Note canister with an introduction to CRUD operations and hands-on basic setup.

Week 3: Enhancing Note Functionality and Introduction to Advanced Data Types

Session 5 (March 26th) : Adding timestamp and basic validation to the Note canister, and an introduction to advanced data types and variants in Motoko.

Session 6 (March 28th) : A practical session on implementing advanced data types in the Note canister, enhancing it with new features

Week 4: Front-End Integration and MOPS Libraries

Session 7 (April 2nd) : Introduction to integrating the front-end with Motoko using DFINITY SDK and an overview of MOPS libraries.

Session 8 (April 4th) : Hands-on session for integrating the front-end with the Note canister and implementing text validation using MOPS libraries.

Week 5: Data Persistence, Migrations, and State Management

Session 9 (April 9th) : A lecture on state management, persistent storage, and introducing data persistence in the Note canister.

Session 10 (April 11th) : Implementing and handling data migrations in the Note canister, with a focus on enhancing state management.

Week 6: Actor Model, User Authentication, and Authorization

Session 11 (April 16th) : Covering the theoretical aspects of the Actor model in Motoko and the basics of user authentication and authorization.

Session 12 (April 18th) : Practical implementation of Actor classes per user and building authentication/authorization mechanisms.

Week 7: Inter-Canister Calls, Testing, and Advanced Features

Session 13 (April 23rd) : Discussing inter-canister calls, composite queries, and an introduction to MOPS testing in Motoko.

Session 14 (April 25th) : Implementing note sharing, on-chain randomness, and group coding for writing and running MOPS tests.

Week 8: Async Atomicity, Search Functionality, and Deployment

Session 15 (April 30th) : Focusing on async atomicity in Motoko and starting the implementation of search functionality within notes.

Session 16 (May 2nd) : Finalizing the search feature with async considerations and deploying the Note app to the IC mainnet, followed by a course wrap-up.

Week 9 - Week 12: Mentorship - Deploying MVP (Backend Canister)

Mentorship (May 9th, May 16th, May 23rd) : Weekly follow-up meetings with each team

Weekly Office hours support in our Discord channel

Project presentation/pitch (May 30th)

Closing ceremony (May 31st) : Developer Certification Diplomas and Announcement best projects.

Earn your developer certification on the Internet Computer and create your own dApp with a powerful MVP in just three months!