ICP Master Motoko Blockchain Program:

ICP Master Motoko Blockchain Program:

The ICP.Master Motoko Blockchain is tailored for experienced Blockchain developers eager to dive into blockchain technology and learn to build projects on the Internet Computer Protocol.

The program spans two months, featuring a comprehensive curriculum of 16 hours of theory and hands-on practice.

In the third month, participants engage in an additional 8 hours of mentoring to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a focus on backend canister development.

The course kicks off on March 12th, a Tuesday, with classes scheduled every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:00 pm EST (03:00 pm PST). To ensure a smooth start, there will be an orientation and mentor-student introduction session on March 11th.


Week 1: Hello, Blockchain!

Orientation (March 11th) : Course presentation and developers introduction

Session 1 (March 12th) : Theoretical
Introduction to the Internet Computer (IC): Understanding what it is, how it works, and exploring canisters and their functionality.
Session 2 (March 14th) : Practical Deploying your first canister: Hands-on experience deploying a canister using a Medium post guide. Exploring different deployment methods.

Week 2: Local Development Environment and Basic Note Functionality

Session 3 (March 19th) : Theoretical
Understanding how canisters communicate with each other.

Session 4 (March 21st) Practical
Creating inter-canister calls: Implementing and practicing the communication between canisters.

Week 3 - Orthogonal Persistence

Session 5 (March 26th) : Theoretical
Exploring the concept of persisting data using basic data structures (e.g., hashmaps, arrays) instead of third-party databases.

Session 6 (March 28th) : Practical
Implementing stable storage: Hands-on session implementing stable storage using basic data structures.

Week 4 - Package Management

Session 7 (April 2nd) : Practical
Package management: Adding mops packages to enhance functionality.

Session 8 (April 4th) : Practical
Creating your first mops package: Step-by-step guide to creating and deploying a mops package.

Week 5 - Serving and Streaming Media

Session 9 (April 9th) : Theoretical
Serving media from a canister: Understanding the concept of serving media directly from a canister.

Session 10 (April 11th) : Practical
Streaming media: Hands-on session streaming music, video, and images from a canister.

Week 6 - Front-end Development

Session 11 (April 16th) : Theoretical
Introduction to front-end development and its interaction with canisters.

Session 12 (April 18th) : Practical
Building “Hello, World!”: Step-by-step guide to creating a basic application interacting with a canister.

Week 7 - Hackathon

Session 13 (April 23rd) and Session 14 (April 25th) : Dedicated time for participants to apply their learning in a hackathon setting, with two office hours for assistance.

Week 8 - Hackathon & Wrap Up

Session 15 (April 30th) and Session 16 (May 2nd) : Final hackathon sessions and a wrap-up of the course. Reviewing key concepts and achievements throughout the program.

Week 9 - Week 12: Mentorship - Deploying MVP (Backend Canister)

Mentorship (May 9th, May 16th, May 23rd) : Weekly follow-up meetings with each team

Weekly Office hours support in our Discord channel

Project presentation/pitch (May 30th)

Closing ceremony (May 31st) : Developer Certification Diplomas and Announcement best projects 

Earn your developer certification on the Internet Computer and create your own dApp with a powerful MVP in just three months!